We pride ourselves on constantly innovate for our customers to choose our creations that best suit your style, always with quality that characterizes us .

Our wide range of products allow customers to choose between 12 different finishes, different screens to combine rustic or contemporary designs , etc. .
Our screens are made with exclusive fabrics . We also have available a wide range of screens pergacel decorated by hand , so you can choose colors to match with other elements of your furniture.
If you need a special fixture in size or shape , please contact us, we are happy to help .

Our products and process are certified and endorsed by independent bodies , from the design stage to after sales service.
Dartyluz Lighting ,account since 2002 with quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 , controlled for GermanischerLloysCertification Gmbh.
All our lights are certified by independent laboratory accredited by ENAC .
The manufacture of our luminaires is done following strict control in both the main process and in its finishing and wiring , using applicable regulations, and finally the product should pass a unitary quality control .